RYS-200 for 50 plus: Yoga is timeless, and so are you.

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RYS-200 for teacher trainees ages 50 plus

As our boomer generation ages, one is six people are seniors, making  retirees the fastest growing population in America. This mature demographic is more active and health conscientious than previous generations, and receptive to the recommendation of yoga as a path to wellness by health care professionals. The need for yoga teachers with training and sensitivity to the special needs of aging bodies is growing and older teachers are often a source of great inspiration to their peers as role models. 

This RYS-200 training for 50 plus at the Heartwood Yoga Center is designed for aspiring yoga  instructors who are older, with an towards teaching students in the later stage of life. This course includes all the material required for world recognized certification so our trainees can teach all ages and levels, but we emphasize the special needs and considerations of mature bodies. The daily practices lean towards softer, gentle classes appropriate for teacher trainees that do not want to stress their bodies with advanced postures,  inversions or physically taxing material that they are unlikely to use  when they teach their own demographic. 

The program includes  Chair yoga certification (unless students wish to come back to take  aerial certification as their elective) and the focus is often on  accessible yoga and gentler approaches to the physical practice. Each meeting begins with a gentle, inspirational yoga class, followed by our yoga studies that explore the 8 limbs of yoga with anatomy,  alignment, posture focus, and methodology, energy studies, yoga philosophy and more.  Reiki level 1 and all requirements for  yoga alliance certification are included. Students are given 20  complimentary classes to take to support their journey as well. All participants should be 50 or older, or have physical considerations that  make this the best training for them and their goals as a teacher.  

Come  prepared to have a wonderful time, get in shape (inside and out) and  enjoy the inspirational and beautiful facility of Heartwood Yoga Institute.



15 Day Immersion for 50 +


RYS-200 for 50 plus: Spring Session: March 1- March 15, 2020

Fall Session: Nov. 1-15, 2020

The  Immersion format of this course is offered in a retreat style seminar.  We cover all the yoga education elements to be competently trained as a  yoga teacher, with time devoted to self discovery and introspection as  well. The anatomy component is offered online to be reviewed at your pace, and we offer online reinforcement for other portions of the  training as well so students can revisit the material later to digest it  over time.  We begin on our first day (Sunday) at 6:00 pm with an orientation. After everyone is settled we begin the formal training the next day, Monday, at 7:30am. We meet only 9-5 on Chair Certification weekend the last two days of the course. Those who elect to return another time to take aerial instead of Chair Yoga may leave on Friday night. While these are long days, we pace the material to assure everyone has an inspirational, progressive experience while also covering a great deal of material in an engaging way. 

Tuition - $3,495.00. Includes all materials and meals, and limited dorm style lodging is available on a first come first serve basis for out of town guests.

Fall session for 50 Plus (local students)


RYS-200 for 50 plus Fall Daytime Session (for local students) 

Oct. 20, 2020 - March 9, 2021

​ ​This course meets each Tuesday from 9:00-3:00 and 4 Saturdays from 9am-5pm. The weekly meeting helps everyone keep their practice progressing and makes it easy to digest the material and the weekends help us complete in a reasonable time frame (for those who travel). We also meet one weekend for Chair Yoga Certification.  Saturday meetings include, Nov. 7, Dec. 5 & Jan. 9, & Feb. 20.   We do not meet on Tuesday, Nov. 24 or Dec. 22 or 29 for holiday breaks.  Chair training can be Nov 14 & 15, or March 13 & 14

Since there is no food plan with this training, students bring their own lunch each day.

Tuition: $2,500.00

Want to know what will be expected of you? Need Financing?

We go out of our way to make our students feel respected, safe, and a part of a dynamic learning collective. We believe everyone has something special to contribute to the learning environment, be it the wisdom of experience or some great questions that help us all dig deeper into a subject.  Our student guidelines and policies are defined to uphold the integrity of the school and keep the atmosphere positive, productive and progressive!  Our hope is that by offering comprehensive information here, students will know up front if we will be a good fit for their goals and expectations. Check our guidelines to understand the educational commitment, learn about tuition payment plans and more.