RYs-200 at Heartwood Yoga Institute

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Whether you want to dive deeper into your understanding of yoga for personal growth, or you plan to forge a new career or life purpose, the RYS-200 foundation program at Heartwood Yoga Institute is designed to open your heart and mind to the healing practice of yoga with comprehensive study of the 8 limbs. Sanctioned by Yoga Alliance and recognized worldwide, this program offers both a classical and contemporary understanding of yoga, setting the stage for an authentic yoga practice you can readily share as it enhances your own life. Graduates will become an RYT-200 upon  joining Yoga Alliance. 

Heartwood offers RYS-200 yoga instructor  certification courses in different formats, providing ample opportunity for students to choose a schedule and time format that works best with their busy life. As a yoga Institute rather than a studio, our deep involvement in yoga teacher training means we not only have vast experience, but our training programs are highly developed and the primary focus of our school and purpose. With a multitude of programs offered each year, students can easily make up any work missed and we offer online review of portions of the training for students who feel those studies need revisiting after graduation. With a beautiful and intimate resort facility, a staff of experienced E-RYT-500 instructors, complimentary training in specialized areas (aerial yoga, Reiki, Chair yoga), and convenient finance options, Heartwood offers unparalleled value. 


Flexible options for RYS-200 yoga certification

RYS-200 15 day Immersion Programs


 RYS-200 immersion is a 15 day session allowing students an  opportunity to dive deeply into yoga and receive their certification in a  progressive, immersion format. 

RYS-200 Day & Evening Programs


For students who live locally and can spread their yoga training over weeks or months, we offer a variety of yoga program formats, including RYS-200 in daytime, evening, and weekend formats. 

RYS-200 for ages 50 plus

RYS-200 for 50 plus

 This RYS-200 training at the Heartwood Yoga Center is designed for aspiring yoga instructors who are older, with an eye towards teaching  students age 50 plus. 

Yoga Certification recognized worldwide.

 Visit our reviews from graduates on the Yoga Alliance National website to learn just how life altering this program is for so many individuals.   

Want to know what will be expected of you? Need financing?

 We go out of our way to make our students feel respected, safe, and a part of a dynamic learning collective. We believe everyone has something special to contribute to the learning environment, be it the wisdom of experience or some great questions that help us all dig deeper into a subject.  Our student guidelines are defined to uphold the integrity of the school and keep the atmosphere positive, productive and progressive!  Our hope is that by offering comprehensive information here, students will know up front if we will be a good fit for them and their goals and expectations.  Check our guidelines to understand your educational commitment, learn about tuition payment plans and more.