Chair Yoga Certification

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Chair Yoga Certification

Chair Yoga certification will provide yoga teachers as well as health practitioners or individuals involved in senior fitness activities with a strong understanding of Chair Yoga: theory and  practice. Participants will gain the skills required to bring yoga to students who might otherwise not be able to embrace a practice by adapting the classical yoga asanas to the chair rather than the floor in a therapeutic context. Material is offered for students of a variety of skill levels and circumstances, but the emphasis is for mature adults and those with physical limitations that need a chair to make yoga accessible.  Also covered is appropriate meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques, mudras and mantras. The course reviews the physical limitations and problems that interfere with a traditional mat practice, helping a teacher understand the goals and benefits of chair yoga, while establishing a toolbox of postures and sequences for future classes.  Addressed are knee replacements, deterioration of joints, balance issues, incontinence, arthritis, and other factors to consider when devising a yoga practice for aging populations. We introduce considerations of alternate chairs, including office chairs, armed chairs, padded chairs, and wheelchairs to expand a teacher's awareness of all factors that affect the practice.


A small portion of the program also covers using a chair for more moderate practices Iyengar style, and circumstances where students can't use a mat, but have capable bodies (such as in office situations, conventions, schools, or waiting rooms, as well as yoga mat classes where multi-levels invite modifications that may require a chair.

This course offers 16 hours of CEU's for Yoga Alliance.

Course Fee: 495.00 (Includes vegetarian lunch each day)

Upcoming Dates:

Jan. 30-31, Thursday & Friday- 11:00am-6:30pm

March 7 & 8 , Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am-5:00pm

July 13 & 14, Monday & Tuesday, 11:00am-6:30 pm

Nov. 14 & 15, Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am-5:00pm

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga