RYS-300 Modular Program

The modular program offers students the opportunity to attend courses as their time allows, with modular elements offered each month throughout the year. RYS 300 modular courses are offered in a daytime format for local students (meeting once a week from 9-4pm 2 or 3 times to equal 14-21 hours of study), or in weekend courses meeting Saturday and Sunday typically from 9-6:30pm). Students are also welcome to take any portion of the immersions (which offers the complete schedule of coursework every winter and summer) with meetings in two sequential days. The immersions having a full schedule of all offerings assure a student can complete unfinished requirements in a reasonable time frame whenever they chose to set aside the time to attend these courses which may be scheduled any day of the week between 9am and 9pm. Students have full flexibility to arrange an educational plan that works with their life schedule, and they have up to 3 years to complete the coursework.

To graduate, students must complete 12 modular units and the online anatomy course. The RYS-300 course covers all required competencies for RYT-500 however, please note that if you do not graduate by 2022, Yoga Alliance is adjusting standards and requiring 100 hours of teaching experience as well as your course completion to formally register. 

7 Required units include:

Ayurveda, Advanced Teaching Skills, Advanced Meditation Weekend/Rounding, Advanced  Philosophy, Trauma Informed Yoga, Advanced Pranayama & Subtle Body Studies, Intro to yoga therapy (one day) with chanting and mudras (one day).

Students then choose 5 units from those listed below

Workshop and Retreat Planning, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Seniors,  Yoga Nidra, Aerial Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Recovery, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. Additional therapy modules are periodically available as alternatives. 

RYS-300 as Foundational Studies for Yoga Therapy

This coursework covers the required competencies for Yoga Alliance RYT-500, as well as serving as level one training for Yoga Therapy Certification. Those wishing to apply the 300 hour program to foundational studies of the 800 hour yoga therapy certification will have additional readings and homework. We are happy to discuss this with students who are planning to continue their training after the completion of the RYT-300. Students do not need to make a decision regarding whether or not they want to continuing their education until such time as they feel ready. Our advice its to enjoy your yoga education without attachment to a goal, knowing that, as this program progresses, you will have a deeper understanding of yoga therapy and will be more prepared to make the best decision regarding whether additional study is important for your yoga career.  

Course Fee: 4,295.00 Includes meals when in session. A fee of $30.00 a night is charged for dorm lodging - subject to availability. Additional housing options available (see link below.)

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Sessions meet from 7-12 hours a day (depending on the program and schedule). Recommended readings and segments of the manual will be provided with each selected course that when combined, create a comprehensive manual. Enrollment can begin at any time.

Modular students have flexibility to complete the program

Weekday Courses


For local students, we offer 300 hour Advanced Courses on Thursdays from 9-4pm. Each course requires 2-3 Thursdays to complete the hours assigned to that subject. Students who wish to take the full RYS-300 in the daytime format can attend consistently on Thursdays and complete the work to become an RYT-500 after one year of study. (Not every Thursday is a required meeting.) 

Weekend Courses


RYS-300 courses are often scheduled on weekends so students can progress through their requirements as their availability and the schedule of offerings align. A good option for students who need to be available for work or family obligations during the week, students have up to 3 years to complete their course requirements, and can take weekends alone or along with other time frames as they piece together a schedule that works for their lifestyle.

Immersion Courses


Modular students are invited to join portions of the immersion training when the schedule works with their availability and provided space is available. With two immersions offered a year (each one covering all requirements) students can make great headway by attending a few days sequentially, or can always catch that one class they need to finish if they are willing to participate on the days or hours the course is scheduled. 

Check out this video for glimpse of the RYS-300 training experience at Heartwood.

Experienced mentors guide your education

 Advanced yoga training should be guided by seasoned teachers with qualifications and experience you can count on. The Heartwood core instructors are all ERYT-500 yoga teachers, Reiki Masters, C-IAYT yoga therapists and LMT's with specialty training in energy work, such as cranio sacral therapy and Thai massage. Other guest teachers whose expertise enhances the learning experience are invited to join us for special contributions. You can read over 250 reviews from graduates from our program on the Yoga Alliance Website as well (link below). Heartwood Yoga Institute has been a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapy) since 2012.   

Upcoming RYT-300 Modular Quick View Schedule


March 14 & 15                  Saturday & Sunday       Chair Yoga 9:00-5:00

March 26                           Thursday                         Workshop and Retreat Planning 9:00-4:00

March 28-29                     Saturday & Sunday        Yoga for Addiction and Recovery 11:00-9:00 pm

April 16, 23, 30                 Thursdays                       Advanced Teaching Skills 9:00-4:00

May 2-3                              Saturday & Sunday       Aerial Yoga 9:00-6:00 pm

May 7, 14, 21                    Thursdays                       Philosophy 1/ Yoga Sutras 9:00-4:00

May 16 & 17                      Saturday & Sunday       Reiki Master Program 9am-9pm
June 6 & 7                          Saturday & Sunday       Aerial Yoga 9:00-6:00 pm

June 4, 11, 18                    Thursdays                       Restorative Yoga 9:00-4:00
July 6 & 7                            Monday & Tuesday      Advanced Teaching Skills, 11:00-6:30
July 8 & 9                            Wed.& Thursday          Ayurveda 11:00-6:30
July 10                                 Friday                             Intro to Yoga Therapy 11:00-6:30
July 7-17                             Mornings all week        Philosophy 1/ Yoga Sutras 9am-10:45am
July 11 & 12                        Saturday & Sunday      Senior Yoga 11:00-6:30
July 13 & 14                        Monday & Tuesday      Chair Yoga, 11:00-6:30
July 15                                 Wednesday                   Workshop and Retreat Planning 11:00-6:30
July 16 & 17                        Thursday & Friday       Yin Yoga Certification 11:00-6:30
July 18 & 19                        Saturday & Sunday     Restorative Yoga 11:00-6:30

July 21                                 Tuesday                         Trauma Yoga, 11:00-6:30

July 23                                 Wednesday                    Pranayama / subtle body 11:00-6:30
July 24-25                            Thursday & Friday       Meditation 11:00-6:00 pm
July 26-27                            Sunday & Monday        Aerial Yoga  9:00-6:00 pm

October 8, 22, 29               Thursdays                      Advanced Meditation 9:00-4:00

October 10-11                    Saturday & Sunday      Yoga for Anxiety and Depression 11:00-9:00 pm

November 5 & 12              Thursdays                      Intro to Yoga Therapy 9:00-4:00

Dec. 5 & 6                           Saturday & Sunday      Philosophy 1/ Yoga Sutras 9:00-5:00

Jan. 2021 (All courses available with immersion from Jan. 23 - Feb. 14) Specifics TBA 

March 27-28 (2021)            Saturday & Sunday    Yoga for Cancer 11:00-9:00 PM                         

We ask students to reserve space when they plan to attend a module. We do close programs when we are at 17 participants so the best way to assure your desired module is available is to contact us in advance so we know students are planning to attend. If you are interested in seeing the available dates of each individual subject, they are also listed individually under "specialty trainings".                    


If you need lodging for a weekend unit, we may or may not have space available on site. But we have arranged affordable air B & B style accommodations very close ($35.00 nightly) and there are several options for hotels or a campground within a few miles of our location.

Want to know what will be expected of you? Need financing?

 We go out of our way to make our students feel respected, safe, and a part of a dynamic learning collective. We believe everyone has something special to contribute to the learning environment, be it the wisdom of experience or great questions that help us all dig deeper into a subject.  Our student guidelines and policies are defined to uphold the integrity of the school and to keep the atmosphere positive, productive and progressive!  Our hope is that by offering comprehensive information here, students will know up front if Heartwood will be a good fit as a school for their goals and expectations.  Check our guidelines to understand your educational commitment, learn about tuition payment plans and more.