Aerial Yoga Certification at Heartwood Yoga Institute

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Aerial Yoga Certification

 For the yoga enthusiast looking to expand his or her practice or the yoga teacher seeking new material and ongoing training experiences,  Heartwood Yoga Institute offers a comprehensive 16 hour Aerial Yoga certification designed to explore a wealth of alternative yoga exercises, assisted postures, and safe inversion techniques using the Om Gym system of yoga hammocks and handle supports, followed by experience with traditional Aerial Silks.  Attention is give to the differences between the styles, but students quickly learn most of the work is interchangeable, and the choice of apparatus may depend on the needs and interests of the clients you are working with and what is a best fit for the resources of your facility. 

This course includes discussion, practice, floating exploration, inversion  physiology and theory, anatomy, a review of safety and health issues and  teaching practicums. We invite any of our participants to retake the weekend at a future date if for any reason they need reinforcement of the material.  


The course includes:

  • A detailed manual for reference during the seminar and after.
  • History  of aerial yoga, aerial yoga in the media.  An honest look at aerial  yoga as a commercial entity verses as an authentic yoga teaching tool.
  • A chance to explore and work on both aerial silks and the om gym system to compare and contrast
  • A review of safety issues, learning about the swings and proper  installation. Care and maintenance of the aerial swing.  Insurance.
  • Aerial yoga class levels – designing a safe class for different skill levels/ using aerial slings for private sessions.
  • Careful exploration and teaching techniques of more than 50 supported yoga poses based on Iyengar theory.
  • Physical  safety issues and concerns – aerial yoga for students with high blood  pressure, physical limitations, cataracts, taking medications, children,  seniors, etc….    
  • Warm-ups, proper pose progression,  class sequencing.
  • Flow sequences and graceful transitions in the aerial swing.
  • Flexibility training. Aerial Yoga fitness, exercises to build strength incorporating the  aerial swing.
  • Yoga Therapeutics using gravity and the swing for effective spinal traction and/or internal cleansing.
  • Inversion Theory of physiology and anatomy (as it pertains to gravity and inversion based asana)
  • Teaching practicum and learning hands-on assists.
  • Business  (insurance,   marketing )
  • Fun tricks and incorporating  artistry as a part of the yoga experience.
  • Exploring silks as an alternate yet similar practice.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Certification Programs

Tuition $495.00

This 16 hour Aerial Yoga Certification program meets Saturday and Sunday (unless otherwise noted) from 9am-6pm. Students will receive a manual upon arrival. A light vegetarian lunch is included with the program.  

Jan. 18-19, 2020
Feb. 15-16, 2020
May 2 & 3, 2020
June 6 - 7 , 2020
July 26-27, 2020  (Sunday & Monday)
August 15 & 16, 2020

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga at Heartwood Yoga Institute

A quality aerial yoga education

Heartwood Yoga institute has 17 aerial stations and an extensive  aerial teacher training program that has attracted students worldwide.  Heartwood aerial classes are all taught by ERYT-500 teachers who are also MT's, C-IAYT & aerial specialists. Our classes combine elements of yoga therapy,  traditional yoga dynamics and energy studies for a class that supersedes the artistic or entertaining element of aerial arts alone, to  promise a practice that is a rich mind-body experience. Aerial Yoga can  be offered in a variety of levels and oriented to different yogic  goals, so we teach not just a physical practice of Aerial yoga, but restorative aerial, therapeutic aerial, & aerial yoga to support  healing of the energetic body with the goal of keeping the program "aerial yoga" rather than aerial arts.

Aerial yoga combines supported traditional mat practice with innovative variations  done while floating in the air. The practice can be done in a dynamically designed, adjustable, padded hammock with two side straps offering three handles attached at various levels called the Om Gym, so students can safely and comfortably maneuver into and out of poses while making it possible to control the depth of each individual pose, yet we also explore the same postures in traditional silks. Our aerial yoga certification covers both aerial systems so teachers can have a broadened experience as we compare and contrast the benefits of each. The aerial yoga set-up at Heartwood allows for a larger variety of exercises and alternative stretches while also encouraging creative exploration. Students take their practice to a  new level . . . literally. Perfect for all ages and levels, aerial yoga is good for the beginner as well as advanced yoga student. With a range  of poses and progressions that allow each student to work at the level  they are comfortable with, this practice is guaranteed to give everyone  the powerful benefits of inversion for enhanced health and well-being. 

This  training includes a detailed two hour anatomy of inversion lecture that helps teachers understanding the contraindications of aerial yoga as well as the therapeutic benefits of inversion for postures on the mat as well. Students are provided with a manual, as well as online support to refer to after the training.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga