Yoga therapy

800 Hour Yoga Therapy Course Overview

 The Yoga Therapy program is for RYT-200 graduates ready to apply themselves to a further commitment of 800 hours, which includes 605 hours of study and 200 hours of a practicum teaching. The coursework begins with a 300 hour foundational studies program followed by three 102 hour yoga therapy concentration residencies at Heartwood. 

Foundational studies are offered twice a year in an immersion format, or students can complete the work over time in weekend modules for more flexible options. After completion of foundational studies, trainees must attend 3 eight day yoga therapy concentration residencies taught in person at Heartwood. Therapy modules are scheduled twice a year (every Oct. and March. rotating A, B & C in order) Students can take these residency trainings sequentially and complete this therapy module portion of the training in 18 months, or if they wish to only take one concentration residency per year, the rotation is such that they can complete the work just by attending a unit on the same season over three years. It typically takes two years to complete all the coursework and then the practicum, but some students spread their studies out over longer periods of time. Heartwood is an enriching atmosphere and our class sizes are kept intimately small to assure a stronger and more personal learning experience. A mentored 205 hour practicum after completing the coursework is required for C-IAYT certification which can be done at Heartwood or in your own local.  

Our residencies meet from 7:30 am till 9pm daily with breaks for meals.  Students can earn an RYT-300 by participating in our foundational studies as the work applies to the Yoga Alliance Competencies, however those in the yoga therapy program are required to do some additional readings, assignments and mentored homework beyond what is required for the RYT-300 to assure the material is applicable to the IAYT Yoga Therapy Competencies. 

Transfer Credits

 Due to the specific configuration of our program and the progressive way each course becomes part of an integrated education, Heartwood cannot accept transfer credits from other facilities. The Heartwood RYT-300 coursework can be applied to yoga therapy as the competencies included are applicable to the 800 hour program. (There is additional homework for those choosing this educational path) but other RYT-300 programs are not applicable. We are happy to help students consider their options and design a program which meets their specific goals, so feel free to give us a call to discuss your experience, your career vision and your yoga educational plan.

800 hour Yoga Therapy Coursework Divisions

Foundational Studies - 300 hours

  • Advanced teaching and communication skills -Props, hands on adjustments, advanced posture & alignment studies.  
  • Philosophy 1 - Yoga Sutras
  • Advanced Meditation
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Workshop and Retreat Planning, Group Therapy events
  • Yin Yoga
  • Accessible Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga for seniors
  • Ayurveda 1
  • Therapeutic Aerial Yoga (elective)
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy
  • Subtle body studies/ koshas
  • Chanting/mudras

Yoga Therapy Concentration A- 100 hours

  •  Philosophy 2: Buddhism studies
  • Yoga Therapy for structural & physical issues: Hands & Feet 
  • Insomnia and Sleep disorders
  • Yoga for Cancer
  • Yoga for Grief and loss
  • Yoga for Dying, Hospice and Caregivers
  • Yoga for Parkinson's
  • Yoga for Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Yoga therapy assessments
  • Teaching home practice and instilling treatment plans
  • Science of Silence
  • Rituals, Spiritual Ceremonies and Creating sacred space for healing 
  • Becoming a Bodhisattva
  • Biology of Belief

Yoga Therapy Concentration B - 100 hours

  •  Philosophy 3:  Bhagavad Gita
  • Yoga Therapy for Addiction and Recovery
  • Dharma and the Purposeful Life
  • Yoga Therapy for Back health
  • Yoga for fertility, libido and sexual health
  • Human development 1
  • Yoga therapy for mental health
  • Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Yoga therapy for eating disorders and body image
  • Yoga Therapy Assessments
  • Yoga Therapy Ethics & professionalism/ communicating with health professionals.

Yoga Therapy Concentration C - 100 hours

  •  Ayurveda 2
  • Yoga Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Assessments and treatment plans
  • Yoga Therapy for Lyme disease and MS
  • Yoga for Divorce
  • Philosophy4: Upanishads
  • Yoga therapy for LGBT
  • Setting up Internships and practicum arrangements
  • Nature as a healing modality
  • Case studies & note keeping
  • Yoga therapy for heart health
  • Mudras, Yantra
  • Yoga therapy for phobias and fears 
  • Autoimmune
  • Yoga for Fibromyalgia​ & Lupus

Yoga Therapy Practicum- 205 hours

150 hours of internship providing therapy in private sessions with a set amount of time allowed for group sessions is required after completing the coursework.
55 hours is designated for mentoring and documentation of the practicum to be reviewed with the program staff in person or in one on one distance meetings.  

800 Hour Heartwood Yoga Therapy Fees

Yoga Therapy Tuition

Yoga Therapy involves 800 hours of study with qualified instructors and traditionally takes 2-3 years to complete. The Heartwood Program is all inclusive with meals, materials and housing (limited availability)  to make this program affordable, personal, and of highest standards. Students can pay in full for a discounted rate or pay each stage of the training individually enabling them to spread out the payments and decide as they go if they do or don't want to continue on this path. Payment plans are available for all tuitions, but do include interest.

Tuition if segments are taken individually - $12,495. Individual fees are listed per session.

Pay in Full for discount - $11,000

Note* There are no refunds or tuition transfers, so consider your long term educational plans before opting to pay in full for tuition savings.

3 year low interest monthly payment plan is available for full tuition. 

Foundational Program

Foundational Studies can be taken in a 22 day immersion or students can  complete this work in modules over a longer period of time with offerings every month. 

Upcoming Immersion Schedule: 

July 25 - August 15,  2020

Jan. 23-Feb. 12, 2021

To register, prerequisite of RYT-200.

 Tuition 4,595.00: includes meals, materials, manual, and dorm housing (if available). Does not include books.) 

Payment plan options are listed in Student Guidelines and Tuition Policies.  

Yoga Therapy Concentration A

This program meets from 7:30am-7:45pm daily.  

Upcoming Sessions:

October 12-Oct. 19 2019. Saturday to Saturday

March 27-April 3, 2021 (Starts and Ends on a Thursday due to Easter Holiday)

October, 2023 Dates TBA

Students can take concentrations in any order, but to register, Students must have completed Foundational Studies

Tuition: $2250.00 (Includes meals, materials, and dorm housing if available.

 Payment plan options are listed in Student Guidelines and Tuition Policies.   

Yoga Therapy Concentration B

Session Meets 7:30am-7:45pm daily

March 28-April 4, 2020

Oct. 9 - 16, 2021

Tuition: $2250 (Includes meals, materials, and dorm housing if available.)

Concentrations can be taken in any order, but to register, students must have completed foundational studies.   Payment plan options are listed in Student Guidelines and Tuition Policies.   

Yoga Therapy Concentration C

Session meets 7:30am-7:45pm daily.

Oct. 10-17, 2020
March 26-April 2, 2022


Tuition: $2250 (Includes meals, materials, and dorm housing if available.) 

Concentrations can be taken in any order, but to register, students must have completed Foundational Studies

 Payment plan options are listed in Student Guidelines and Tuition Policies.   


 150 hours of practicum work and 55 hours of documentation and  mentoring under the guidance of staff. 

Mentoring Fee: $1,150.00

Practicum can begin after Foundational Program and two concentrations have been completed.

 Payment plan options are listed in Student Guidelines and Tuition Policies.