Children's Yoga Certification: Yoga for the Balanced Child

Check out this video for a glimpse of the Heartwood RCYT training experience.

Yoga for the Balanced Child - RCYS Kids Yoga Teacher's Training

Awaken the child within and play, laugh, explore, learn and build a repertoire of instructional activities designed to explore emotions, physical awareness, health and fitness, environmental stewardship, social behavior and so much more in the Heartwood children's yoga certification program. Teachers, activities directors, child care workers, yoga teachers or anyone else working with children whose role is to support the growth and development of responsible, compassionate individuals will find this course comprehensive and inspirational. Theory, practice and hands on experience prepare attendees to effectively teach yoga for kids ages three to teen. 


RCYS Children's Yoga Certification

This youth yoga training program includes 40 plus contact hours of theory, activities, games and goals for teaching yoga to children. The training is scheduled in overlap our yoga kids camp to assure trainees education is not just theoretical, but grounded in real life experience. Enjoy working with children with ample resources: children’s props, mats, teaching aids, materials and, of course, young students.  This certification has a homework component that involves designing 3 yoga ethics or theme classes as well, which will be shared with your training tribe to build a syllabus of future class ideas (and which we hope you will share with students in your practicum).     

This program is appropriate for anyone who wants to work with  children - teachers, caregivers and parents, but yoga teachers desiring to complete the requirements to become RCYT (Yoga Alliance certified)  must have the prerequisite of RYT-200 or above. After the 40 hours of coursework, yoga teachers must also do a internship / practicum to meet the full 95 hour requirements defined by Yoga Alliance.

Contact hours include: 

  • Child development and age appropriate yoga postures and activities.  
  • Games to reinforce self-esteem, camaraderie, self-awareness, compassion, environmental ethics, and creative thinking skills.  
  • Methods & themes to teach ethics, responsibility, and sensitivity for others through story time and positive discussion.  
  • How to incorporate sound, scent, textiles and art projects into the yoga class to enhance creativity and self-actualization.   
  • Class pacing, formatting and opportunities to promote educational growth.  
  • Behavior modification, instilling self-control and tips for keeping students respectfully engaged. 
  • Youth anatomy & physiology, and a review of medications and common physical or  behavior challenges that make it difficult for many children to focus  or interact successfully with others, with a focus on how yoga can  forage greater holistic health and wellness.  Overview of Downs, ADHD and Autism.     
  • How to involve parents and promote family bonding through yoga. 
  • Syllabus offering hundreds of exercises and class plans to support your teaching.
  • Browse a huge assortment of children's yoga resources, books and materials available today.  
  • A  practicum where we work with children, starting with observation, and  proceeding to trainees working with a class under supervision and receiving feedback.

Heartwood Yoga Institute is a RCYS Registered Yoga Alliance Children's Yoga School.

Upcoming Trainings


June 20-23, 2020. (Additional residency for practicum camp experience June 24-26.)  

​Course fee - $995.00 - Lunch and Dinner is served during contact hour training (4 days) . 

There is no fee if you wish to include the extended 3 day residency and practicum, (you will work the children's camp in exchange for the extended participation) but only lunch is served daily during this time. These extra days conclude at 3:30.  Student's have the opportunity to go out for dinner or to prepare a personal meal in our yoga kitchen. 

A limited amount of housing is available and complimentary to our out of town guests on a first come first serve basis. Due to space limitations, housing is not available to local students.

For trainees seeking a practicum option

In order to join yoga alliance as an RCYT (registered children's yoga teacher) you must be an RYT-200 first, because this 95 hours in Children's Yoga Studies is considered continuing education and it is assumed you already have a basic foundational yoga education. We have plenty of people who take the training who are not 200hr teachers – they may be parents, teachers or just people who love and work with kids, and this is fine. You will still earn your children's yoga certification and have a great understanding of the goals and processes of sharing yoga with youth, but we want to be clear that a person can't register with Yoga Alliance unless they are first an RYT-200 and then complete the 95 required hours in this specialty yoga education. 

Teacher trainees who wish to return home and do the practicum element with children in their own area can return home after the first 4 days of contact hours training, start teaching and send us feedback to be credited for their teaching experience whenever they have completed 28 practicum teaching hours. (This often is the case for teachers who are bringing yoga into classrooms, or studio owners starting a children’s program. Others who work with kids in camps, churches or through childcare situations, or those without an RYT-200 who plan to teach youth yoga but don't need the practicum for Yoga Alliance credit may do their practicum in their own facilities.) There is also a homework component, which involves planning some classes for kids, which we share on a group Facebook page, so all the participants benefit by building a repertoire of planned theme classes and exercises. This concludes your requirements for certification. 

A children’s yoga camp begins at Heartwood on day three of the RCYS training, so everyone in the course does have the opportunity to work a few hours with kids ranging in age from 4-12, do some class planning, and get feedback from the mentors. After the children leave, we continue our training with new material, and a chance to review what we observed or experienced in the practicum earlier in the day. 

Those who would like to complete their full practicum requirement in the same week as the training are invited to stay to work the camp to gain experience. This means you would stay with us from Wednesday - Friday as a teacher in yoga camp. The camp runs from 9am till 2pm, and after hours we give teachers feedback, discuss what did and did not go as hoped and help everyone learn from their experience. In this case, you would plan to stay the full week working 8:30am-3:00 pm Wed.- Friday after the required hours Sat.-Tuesday of formal training.  This additional time covers all the required practicum requirements and those who stay will be ready to register with Yoga Alliance immediately. There is no compensation for this practicum teaching (but we do end up with quite a few teachers for our 40 attendees in youth camp, so you are working in harmony with others without stress and it is great fun) but you are invited to stay at Heartwood these additional day for free and we provide lunch each day. Students are responsible for their own dinners. Checkout is Friday afternoon. Arrangements can be made to stay Friday night if necessary. 

After registering, please let us know if you wish to stay for the additional 3 days to work the yoga camp practicum.

Children's Yoga

Children's Yoga


Check out a video from one of our camp sessions to get an idea of what Heartwood Yoga camp for kids is all about.